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Suicide Prevention

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has committed to an audacious goal of working towards zero suicide, based on the belief that suicide is preventable and amenable to intervention.

Our Aims

We aim to provide a compassionate and responsive approach through the delivery of our revised strategy based on best practice.

Our Strategy

The basis for our new strategy is informed by advancements in suicide prevention care, along with learning from our first phase 2017/2019. We recognised that suicide can only be preventable if the care provided is based on best evidence for preventability and organised consistently, systematically and in a reliable way. The new strategy is particularly informed by:

CLEAR3 is a concept, service delivery and system design model with a combination of features from research and best practice evidence deemed necessary for excellent suicide prevention care. It is a model that can be applied to all service settings and clinical systems.

Our Briefing Paper includes further information and detail on our identified work streams summarised below:

Key Interventions and Workstreams

All activity is monitored via the Safe from Suicide Team with accountability to the Centre for Perfect Care (CfPC). The implementation is in partnership with the Clinical Divisions as part of the Trust’s Operational Plan.

Our Team

During our first phase a new team was created to ensure the effective implementation of Mersey Care’s Zero Suicide goal. The scope of the team has now evolved to meet the needs of the new strategy.

The Safe from Suicide Team operate within the Centre for Perfect Care (CfPC) and is made up of a number of specialists in the area of suicide prevention.

One aspect of their role is to support teams across the organisation in delivering the Trust’s goal of zero suicide. This is a long term strategy and the support offered includes:

Team Membership and Accountability

Steve Bradbury Deputy Director for Innovation and Improvement CfPC

Dr Claire Iveson Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical and Strategic Lead for Safe from Suicide Team, Safety Planning and Zero Suicide Strategy

Dr Rebeca Martinez Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director for Safe from Suicide Team

Steve Messenger Programme support and Data lead for Safe from Suicide Team

Angela Brown Centre for Perfect Care and Safe from Suicide project support

To find out more about our ‘Suicide Prevention’ initiative and how you can get involved or how we can help your organisation, please contact us at