ImproveWell pilot launches

15 Aug 2017

Our Medical Education department are proud to be introducing a pilot programme today with our new trainees, which will see the launch of ‘ImproveWell’- a digital platform with a smartphone app.

Focusing on quality improvement, ImproveWell is a tool that empowers healthcare professionals to communicate service enhancement ideas directly to senior management. The platform works by enabling staff to download a free app onto a mobile device where they can then create an account to share their ideas on improvements which can then be submitted.

The Medical Education Department then receives and triages staff suggestions as they come in through an intelligent dashboard which orders ideas into categories and themes. From here, the team can then forward ideas with potential on to key, relevant personnel across the Trust for review and implementation.

Finally the app also further helps to engage the workforce in quality improvement, by sharing with them improvements that are underway and reporting on developments from current as well as previous months.

Steve Bradbury, Deputy Director of Improvement & Innovation comments on the latest developments:

“The Centre for Perfect Care team’s mission is to help our staff continuously improve the services that Mersey Care provide today, whilst also addressing the mental health and wellbeing challenges of the future. We believe the launch of the ImproveWell pilot will not only help to facilitate these objectives, but will also help to inspire fresh thinking across our Trust. I'm really looking forward to the improvements this pilot brings and engaging our workforce to improve patient outcomes.”

If you’d like to find out more about the ImproveWell tool or would like further updates on the progress of the pilot, please contact the Centre for Perfect Care team: