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In October 2014, NHS England published the “Five Year Forward View” planning document and in November 2014 the Department of Health and Social Care published the “Personalised Health and Care 2020” framework. These two papers highlight the role of digital technology within the NHS to make sure that the NHS fully exploits the digital revolution and accelerates innovation.

To progress this ambition, a major national programme was developed called Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) to accelerate the progress of health providers in England towards a global standard of digital maturity. This national programme started with the most digitally mature NHS Trusts in Mental Health, Ambulance and Acute sectors. Mersey Care was selected to be one of the first NHS Trusts to receive substantial funding for its digital projects. One of the key projects is the development of a person-held record.

Service users and patients have told us that they want a digital space where they can record information about their own health and wellbeing and access their health and social care records. They felt this would help them to better care for themselves; get access to information and expertise and have a real partnership side by side with their NHS care providers.

Benefits of a PHR

By creating a PHR, service users and patients will be in charge of their own care – working in partnership with those who care for them. They will record information about their own health and wellbeing, have access to health apps, medical expertise and be able to view the relevant parts of their health records. They will be able to share their records with other health professionals, carers and family members if they wish. 

For clinicians, they will be able to see all the relevant care records for a person in one place and be able to see what that person has recorded about their own health such as their mood or a diary.

This is a digital revolution for service users and patients – giving them control over their own health and wellbeing


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